Lee High Class of '64

Where Are They Now?

Jo Gibson Viglione has been diligently searching for lost classmates, and has found contact information for most of us. Here is the short list of folks for whom she does not have any email or snail mail address. "If you could help me locate any of them, it would be great," says Jo. She prefers email, but an address will also work. The list is much winnowed down from the last reunion!

Please help the Reunion Committee locate these classmates:

  • Judy (Belshee) Belanger
  • Carol (DePriest) Doger
  • Norman Herb
  • John J. Kapp
  • William Lawrence
  • Sylvia Resche
  • Connie (Wiseman) Rogers
  • Nancy Sowder
  • Beverly Steffey
  • Susan Waterson
  • Patricia Wayland
  • Jacquelin Willis
  • Polly Kiracofe Winsboro
  • Joyce Yeary

Please send any contact information for these classmates to Jo by clicking here.

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